Alumni, Our Eagle Experts

As an alum, we invite you to participate in The Eagle Experts Network, our internal network of alumni at Boston College who have volunteered their time to engage with students for the purpose of Mock Interviews and Informational Chats. Our alumni come from a diverse range of fields and experience levels to support our students as they begin to contemplate what their career path will be.

Currently, the Eagle Expert Network supports the course requirements of the Carroll School of Management's Sophomore Accelerator class, a 1 credit career development course that helps students discern their career paths through networking with alumni through informational chats and mock interviews in addition to preparing for their job search by learning the essentials of resume and cover letting writing, interviewing skills, and much more. Each year, about half of the sophomore class of the Carroll School of Management enrolls in this class. We hope to educate even more students and connect them with even more alumni in the Carroll School and Boston College as a whole in the years to come.

When you create your Eagle Expert profile, you will select whether you are available to conduct a mock interview, an informational chat, or both for up to 5 students a semester (your choosing of how many students you prefer to chat with/interview).

To be a mock interviewer, we are looking for alum who are experienced interviews and conduct interviews regularly as part of their job. The mock interview is a standard behavioral interview where you will be asked to provide immediate feedback to the student after the interview and then provide a brief written evaluation. We prefer these to be conducted via video call so the students get exposure to that, but you are able to also conduct the mock interview in person or over the phone.

For the informational chats, we are looking for alum to discuss their industry/ career path with a student over the phone, in person or via video chat. This is designed to be an informal conversation-- as if someone just asked you to meet for coffee to talk about your profession. You do not submit any feedback for the informational chat.

As an added benefit to alumni, this platform also allow alumni to connect with one another, functioning as an internal alumni network that might be a little friendlier and direct than LinkedIn.

We hope you will find the Eagle Expert Network to be a meaningful and productive new way to establish connections.

We are BC!