What is the Career Accelerator?

It is a one credit pass/fail course consisting of eight 90 minute sessions designed to ensure that students learn the following:

*How to identify top skills and explore career fields that are a good match.

*Write an effective resume/cover letter.

*How to sell themselves to employers, learning from some actual employers about what they look for and how to communicate effectively with them.

*Practice networking with BC alumni and actually conduct an informational interview with a BC alumni through the Eagle Expert Network.

*How to Interview to get the job. Students will learn about interviewing from employers/upperclassmen and conduct a video mock interview with an alum/employer from the Eagle Expert Network.

*How to dress to impress. Students will learn from a professional stylist how to dress the part for all these different employer and networking events and how to make a positive first impression.

*How to use Social Media to your advantage - students will develop a strong LinkedIn page and learn how to convey a positive image through social media, also how to use social media to network with the right people.