How It Works!

This network is designed to be utilized for the Carroll School of Management's Sophomore Accelerator class. Students in the class are required to sign up on this platform to be matched with two separate alumni for an informational chat and a mock interview.

The students complete their profiles, which includes their potential career interests and other areas of interest such as concentration, study abroad and hometown. Utilizing this data, the students are matched with an alum that has a profile that correlates with their own. The student can then view their matches, or search the entire Eagle Expert Network to request a connection. The alum is then informed of this match via email and can choose to accept or decline their request.

After a match is accepted, the student and alum can communicate via the platform or through email to discuss a time to meet for an informational chat or mock interview. Informational chats are designed to be informal encounters where an alum can talk to a student about their industry and how they got into their field. It's essentially a coffee date.

As for the mock interviews, it's a more formalized process where an alum conducts a standard behavioral interview with the student and provides immediate feedback to the student on their responses. Both can be held in-person, over-the-phone or via video call and should only last 30-45 minutes.

As an added perk to alumni, they can also search the database and connect with other alum on the platform.